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Project Management

Visual Issues Tracking

Employees module

All your resources at a glance.

With the employees module you can manage your personnel in terms of jobs, salaries, timesheets, transfers and even track their performance in order to apply some relevant bonuses.

Keep track of employee site whereabouts.

Companies module

Everything about your

With the companies module you can maintain multiple companies, having multiple sites and accommodations and assets and we can also take care of your invoices or expenses in an end-to-end organized approach.

Assets management keeps track of electronics, transportation, working and protection equipment, or any other category required.

Discover Project Management

The tool that changes everything.

Our long standing vision has been to digitalize construction industry with a sophisticated yet simple framework.

Limitless Possibilities

Create projects, boards, lists, cards, labels and tasks that are linked to a site. Markdown support in a card description and comment. Set priorities and keep track of deadlines for a proper project management


Our long standing vision has been to bypass the usual manual work structure and move forward with a more automated approach for daily tasks.

Create issues

Create and track issues directly by selecting text blocks.

Select this block in order to see a live example of the functionality. After selection create an issue **click on the above button or see this example .
Go visual with images

Add, delete, download, comment site photos in realtime. Create powerful newsletters based on uploaded material and content.

Create and edit email
newsletters visually.

Now your emails will always look professional and work efficiently in newsletters and your stakeholders will be up to date with the latest developments

A product is accessible when all people—regardless of ability—can navigate it,
understand it, and use it to achieve their goals.

Everything you need to know with the help of reporting.

Demo users Roadmap

In the construction industry, there are numerous items that a project team needs to be aware of on a daily basis. While everyone can share this information by word of mouth or multiple emails, there is an easier way. The most successful construction companies choose to generate different reports that share all the information that is needed so the work can continue on schedule and on budget.

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